The GNSS station data of the IPGP Volcanological and Seismological Observatories (OVS) are available from GLASS services at the following address: (web interface of the IPGP's GLASS node)
Help on using GLASS can be obtained through the Help button (top right of the interface)

Data are provided in the standard RINEX format:

  • In RINEX 2 from 2000 to December 31, 2018 (day of year 2018-365)
  • In RINEX 3 from January 1, 2019 (day of year 2019-001)

Automated download of RINEX data is recommended using the pyglass tool, developed in association with the GLASS infrastructure. A python3 version is available in a dedicated repository branch.

The metadata of the stations in Sitelog IGS and GeodesyML formats are available on the M³G portail developed within the EPOS project.

  • The complete GNSS network of the IPGP’s OVS (VOLC virtual network): available here
  • GNSS network of the OVSG, Guadeloupe (GL local network): available here
  • OVSM GNSS network, Martinique (MQ local network): available here
  • OVPF GNSS network, Reunion (PF local network): available here
  • IPGP stations components of the REVOSIMA monitoring network, Mayotte (QM local network): available here

Data quality monitoring of the node is available through the EPOS-GNSS RINEX data monitoring portal. It provides:

Advanced users can access the GLASS-API Framework API at the following address: