The three Volcanological and Seismological Observatories of the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) are situated in the overseas French departments. Martinique and Guadeloupe obervatories are in the Lesser Antilles and La Reunion Island is in the Indian Ocean. Since 2019, IPGP also operates the Mayotte Volcanogical and Seismological Network, together with BRGM and the partners, IFREMER and CNRS. Their main missions are to monitoring active French volcanoes and to conduct scientific research. For that, they operate networks of permanent instruments and process and analyse continuously acquired data. More information on IPGP and these three observatories in particular can be obtained by following the link

These four observatories are responsible for alerting civil protection authorities when abnormal activity is recorded. For that, they operate and maintain networks of permanent instruments to eventually proccess and analyse data acquired continuously.

The main goal of the VOLOBSIS portal is to distribute to the national and international communities the data acquired by the IPGP Volcanological and Seismological Observatories.

The geophysical and geochemical data are available after a delay required for their validation and transmission to the database in the IPGP Data Center. The date of the most recent data available varies according data type. The real-time data are available as detailed in the "Data Description" part of the portal.

To get more information about VOLOBSIS data or about the portal, please contact VOLOBSIS Support.