• Validated earthquake data

    Starting on May 1, 2020, the manually validated earthquake parameters from the 3 historic IPGP volcanic observatories (OVPF, OVSG, OVSM) is available from the FDSN webservice event at IPGP Data Center.

    Earthquakes from REVOSIMA will be available in the upcoming months.

  • The seismological web-service extended to other kind of geophysical data

    New geophysical time series collected by the three active French volcanoes, are now available on the VOLOBSIS portal. Previously, the portal only gave access to seismological and GNSS data.

    The IPGP data center uses seiscomp3 software to disseminate seismic data and metadata. In 2017, a development in collaboration with the company Gempa aimed at integrating different kind of geophysical measurements in the seiscomp3 metadata database.

    Thus, the portal gives access to these data with the seismic standard protocols : the web-services defined by the “FDSN”.

    For the moment, only the tilt and tide gauges data of the volcanological and seismological observatory of Guadeloupe and tilt data of one station of Piton de la Fournaise are available.

  • A new web service for requesting Volcano Activity Report

    A new web service providing Volcano Activity Reports produced by IPGP Volcanological and Seismological Observatories is now available.

    This service allows to access historical periodic, event-linked and VONA (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation) reports produced by the three IPGP observatories (OVSG, OVSM and OVPF).

    The reports can be filtered by date, observatory and volcano.

    The web service and its description is available here: http://ws.ipgp.fr/volcano-reports

  • New data from station PF ADV

    Data from the station ADV, Ferme solaire Adam de Villier Ste Rose, from Network PF, Observatoire Volcanologique du Piton de la Fournaise (OVPF) is now available.

    Data in real time can be accessed through seedlink server rtserver.ipgp.fr:18000.

    Data is also available through fdsn webservices at http://ws.ipgp.fr/fdsnws/.

    For more information, see "Data Acess".

  • Data validated of Network PF, year 2015

    Data validated Network PF, year 2015 has been validated and is available through FDSN web services at: http://ws.ipgp.fr/fdsnws/

    For more information, see "Data Acess".

  • Data unavailable from GL Network

    Following the recent passage on the Lesser Antilles islands of category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria, real-time data from the whole GL Network are unavailable until further notice.

    Thanks to its robust and redundant design, the broadband Network WI is already operational (reception of all data has been switched to OVSM), except for station WI.SBLM which status is still unknown today.

    IPGP teams are working to make OVSG and the above mentioned stations back to normal operation, and to collect and distribute again this data as soon as possible.

  • Data from GL network

    Data from Network GL from Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Guadeloupe are now available in IPGP Data Center.

    Data in real time from GL stations CAG CDE and SCG are available through seedlink server rtserver.ipgp.fr:18000.

    These data are available at IPGP Data Center and at the European Data Center EIDA, through FDSN webservices dataselect and station.

    For more information, see Data Acess.

  • PF MAID Station

    Data from the new station MAID, Maido (Observatoire) from Network PF, Observatoire Volcanologique du Piton de la Fournaise (OVPF) are now available.

    Data in real time can be accessed through seedlink server rtserver.ipgp.fr:18000.

    They are also available through fdsnws in http://ws.ipgp.fr/fdsnws/.

    For more information, see "Data Acess".