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Seismic, tiltmeter, groundwater, magnetic and weather Network
Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP), Université de Paris
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Martinique Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network
Collected : 1935-01-01

N: 15.00 S: 14.25 E: -60.00 W: -61.00


Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris (IPGP)
The permanent MQ network is composed of stations geographically distributed mainly on La Montagne Pelée volcano edifice, and on a broader extension on the whole Martinique Island.
The stations all share the following features:
(1) power: solar panels and battery,
(2) telemetry: radio, wifi, 4G, or Very Small Aperture Terminal, and
(3) sensors: seismometers, tiltmeters and weather sensors.
Some of the stations are multi-sensors.
Ground sensors are buried in the ground, providing environmental insulation (seismometers), or inside deep (60m) or shallow (7m) boreholes (3 tiltmeters).
Most of the time, sensors are separated from the electronics in order to avoid any electric, magnetic and thermal mutual influence.
Seismometers are middle-band Güralp CMG40T, Nanometrics Trillium Compact 120s (regular and posthole versions), or short period L4-1Hz.
Tiltmeters are IPGP "home-made" BLUM tiltmeters (this network was stopped in 2008), Halliburton/Pinnacle self-levelling borehole electrolytic tiltmeters - sampling rate of 1 min or 1 s. They are installed by pairs.
Rain gauges are "Précis-mécanique" and Vaisala products are used for other weather sensors.
Magnetic stations network was dismantled in 2005.
All data are disseminated in miniSEED and stationXML FDSN formats. Seismic data of this network are disseminated both in real time (raw data) and after validation.
Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris (IPGP). (2020). Seismic, tiltmeter, groundwater, magnetic and weather permanent networks on Montagne Pelée volcano and Martinique. Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP), Université de Paris.

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


Data size
Approximately 35 operational stations, greater than 1GBytes per day.
Data format
miniSEED for seismic and low-rate geophysical data
FDSN stationXML for seismic and low-rate geophysical metadata
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  • Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris (IPGP). (2021). Data collection of the seismological and volcanological observatory of Martinique. Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP),

Stations in this network

Network code Station code Station name Latitude Longitude Elevation (m) Type Start End Channels
MQ BAM Morne Balai - Martinique 14.82 -61.14 670 Seismology 1997-06-17
MQ CPM Case Petit - Martinique 14.82 -61.21 242 Seismology 1979-12-05
MQ GBM Grand Be - Martinique 14.8 -61.16 800 Seismology 1997-10-09
MQ IA2 RI Julien - Martinique 14.8 -61.21 289 Seismology 2005-03-10
MQ LAM Morne Lacroix - Martinique 14.81 -61.16 1240 Seismology 1980-11-01
MQ LPM Morne La Pointe - Martinique 14.59 -60.96 130 Seismology 1999-04-09
MQ MLM Morne Lenard - Martinique 14.78 -61.18 370 Seismology 1979-04-17
MQ MPLM Morne Plume - Martinique 14.81 -61.18 846 Seismology 2014-07-29
MQ MVM Montagne du Vauclin - Martinique 14.55 -60.9 375 Seismology 1978-01-26
MQ PBO Petit Bonhomme - Martinique 14.81 -61.17 1123 Seismology 2014-05-09
MQ PCM Morne Calebasse - Martinique 14.8 -61.14 730 Seismology 2000-07-01
MQ SCH2 Source Chaude - Martinique 14.8 -61.17 682 Seismology 2022-10-13
MQ TRM Trois Ilets - Martinique 14.54 -61.05 78 Seismology 2000-01-01
MQ TTM Tartane - Martinique 14.77 -60.88 234 Seismology 2006-08-11 2013-06-18
MQ ZAM Zone Aero-Militaire - Martinique 14.59 -61.02 11 Seismology 2000-01-01