Version 1.6.1 15/09/2023

Update on /files/ to add the flag filtervalidatedfiles to default 0

version=1.6.0 12/7/2023

Tidy up some code comments and create a new tag for general release to Glass Nodes.

version=1.5.6 5/7/2023

Add new flag station_data, for list just station with data on endpoint list/{data} Example : station-marker?station_data=true Changes to correct table GNSS Stations with Products on ICS Portal Solve the issue "API /files/combinationT3 must return empty list if no files correspond to query" Add paging information, where appropriate, in the http response headers.

version=1.5.4 26/5/2023

ICS key list alterations Search key marker for FILES now can use either marker, station-marker or marker-station Bug Fixes

version=1.5.3 22/5/2023

Paging and optional bad status file removal flag for all file queries : files/{object_type}/{object_instance}/{output_format} Added publish_date file type bug fixes with data_center_acronyms

version=1.5.2 08/5/2023

files v2 - improve exception handling, bug in radom return types

remove more deprecated end points

version=1.5.1 04/5/2023

Paging for some web services mostly related to files

New end point for discovering some null T3 values

Update 3rd party dependencies

Bug fixes

version=1.4.4 15/9/2022

In Web Service station/bbox/{minLon}/{minLat}/{maxLon}/{maxLat} procedure getStationShortV2GEOJSONics

Updated GeoJson Style for EPOS ICS

Returns Time Series Providers when available